Right of withdrawal



Cancellation policy and cancellation form of herbs-and-more.eu



Cancellation policy

Consumers have inherently the right of cancellation in accordance with the following terms. A consumer in the sense of this particular case is every natural person that concludes a legal transaction not intended for commercial use.



Right of cancellation

Consumers can cancel a legal transaction in the timespan of 14 days, without naming reasons. The timespan begins at the same timepoint where the last good belonging to the particular legal transaction arrived at its intended destination. It is sufficient that information about the cancellation is sent to me before the timeperiod of 14 days ends. TO act upon your right of cancellation, you have to contact me (Marvin Karrenbauer, Metzer Straße 30, 66117 Saarbrücken, Germany, Tel: +49 0681/38722500, herbs-and-more@web.de) and give a statement about the cancellation. Used can be the standard cancellation form which is to be found down below. This however, is not mandatory.



Consequences of cancellation

If you cancel a particular legal transaction, all payments made by you or an authorized third person will be refunded, including shipping costs. Not included are additional costs resulting in you choosing an alternate method of shipping which is more expensive than theleast expensive method of shipment offered by herbs-and-more. For refunding, the same means of transaction will be utilized if not otherwise agreed upon. The time-period in which the refund will have to be made will be 14 days, beginning at the same point in time at which the information (fro the side of the customer) about the cancellation arrives at herbs-and-more. In no case will fees or other costs resulting from refunding be applied to the customer. herbs-and-more has he right to withhold the refund until all goods pertaining to the particular case of cancellation are returned to herbs-and-more. Proof that the goods are back on the way to herbs-and-more is also sufficient.


The act of sending the goods back to herbs-and-more has to be carried out in a period of time spanning 14 days, beginning at the point of time at which you sent a notification to herbs-and-more about the cancellation of the particular legal transaction. It is sufficient that the goods will be sent on their way in the stated period of time.


A possible loss in value concerning the goods ahve only to be paid for by the customer if the loss in value can be trraced back at the act of examining the quality, properties and functionality of the goods through the customer.



General references

Please avoid damage of any kind to the goods and sent them back in their original packages including all accesories pertaining to the goods. If the original package was lost, please use an appropriate package to sent the goods back. Appropriate means that the goods will be shipped back to me without receiving further damage or loss in quality. Also dont sent the goods unfree back to herbs-and-more.


Please als take note that the these mentioned means are not mandatory for a valid cancellation.




Cancellation form




Marvin Karrenbauer

Metzer Straße 30

66117 Saarbrücken


E-Mail: info@herbs-and-more.eu



I/we(*) cancel the legal transaction (Insert transaction here) between me/us (*) and herbs-and-more, concerning the following goods bought in the online store of herbs-and-more (name the goods and their number) (*)





Orderred at (date) (*) ____________ / received at (date) (*) __________________



Name/s pertaining to the customer/s



Address pertaining to the customer/s



Signature of the customer/s (only if sent by letter)






(*) Cross out non-accurate elements